• What we do
    We protect all valuable data. No matter where it is, or the path it has to take.

    What we fix

    In challenging times, information control means power and, in a world where valuable data interception takes place globally, through the hand of hackers, governments and even corporations, the robustness of the security systems defending your most valuable pieces of information is a must.

    MarkzCorp's Prodigy Framework (R) and the products derived from it, provide you the best solutions to leverage the utmost robustness in data security, ensuring that you are in a prime position in keeping your privacy.

    All the things we fix can boost the overall performance of your business. We keep classified information safe, such as: valuable top-secret project data, investment data, financial data, sales & marketing data, revenue data, market share data and future planning.

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  • What we fix
    We protect all valuable data, stored within or being transferred to (and from), any local infrastructure.

    What we fix

    We fix security issues in your local infrastructure at:

    • Local storage devices.
    • Removable devices.
    • Network storage devices.
    • RS232 direct connections.
    • Wired (Ethernet) networks.
    • Wired workstations.
    • WiFi (802.1) networks.
    • WiFi workstations.
    • USB or Firewire networks.
    • Bluetooth networks.
    • Bluetooth (storage) devices.
    • Firewall to Ground ISP link and the local backbone.

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  • What we fix
    We protect all valuable data stored in or being published at, any cloud service providers.

    What we fix

    We fix security issues in your remote infrastructure at:

    • Cloud storage spaces for HTTP or FTP file sharing.
    • Remote publishing storage spaces for web pages.
    • The (wired or wireless) link from your remote server to its (remote) ISP.
    • The local or worldwide backbone which links the remote ISP to the internet (thus, to your local infrastructure).

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  • What we fix
    We protect all valuable data stored in, or being transferred to (and from), any mobile device.

    What we fix

    We fix security issues while your mobile infrastructure depends on public services, protecting:

    • Valuable data stored in mobile devices, against hacking or theft (device theft or data theft).
    • Valuable data being transferred to or from mobile devices to other devices around, or to some other non mobile infrastructure.
    • Internal mobile ISP customer traffic control.
    • Valuable data crossing the (local or worldwide) backbone linking the mobile ISP to the internet.
    • Valuable data crossing the internet.

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  • What we fix
    We protect all your valuable data being transferred to (and from) offshore networks, or stored at specific hardware devices.

    What we fix

    We fix security issues in offshore networks, where we protect:

    • Data traffic and communications over any satellite design.
    • Data traffic and communications through specific high power RF units.
    • Data traffic in aircraft units, ground units, naval units and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs / drones).
    • Data traffic between master RF or satellite bases and remote outposts.
    • Data communications in free-space point-to-point optical laser links and pretty much any specific hardware infrastructure available.

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  • How we help
    We merge the appropriate combination of interventions together with your existing environment, to meet your requirements and bring the very best integrated design.

    How we help

    Some of the actions we take towards bringing you the very best integrated design in data security systems, are:

    • Training, coaching and mentoring programmes, designed for existing C-level leaders.
    • Data protection and defence management methodologies and processes assessment.
    • International business integration coaching, focusing on sensitive data protection planning.
    • Access management and information control assessments.
    • Multi-level training in lawful interception and intelligence gathering prevention with the best team of experts.

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  • What you get
    The most advanced technology in data security and valuable data protection.

    What you get

    This technology empowers you to:

    • Add full unpredictability to any of your current data security systems.
    • Locally store valuable data safer than ever.
    • Remotely (cloud) store valuable data safer than ever.
    • Online talk to others in a non centrally served chatting system.
    • Publicly publish information in private multicast mode, pin pointing people who can access it.
    • Protect all important data traffic among computers (locally or globally).
    • Protect important databases.
    • Browse virtually unbreakable safe web pages, encoded by design.

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  • For whom
    All businesses leaders, in charge of high value business propositions and protecting its related classified pieces of information.

    For whom

    Our typical customer runs a business that needs data security systems to protect valuable data and benefit in the long-term return of investment over keeping safe crucially important pieces of information from projects, products, finances, investments, planning, marketing, revenue and sales.

    Also, our typical customers feel they have reached the time to scale up for the next stage in the life cycle of their businesses.

    We provide the expertise to achieve the transformation needed to step it up to your best business potential.

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  • Who we are
    Scientists, executives and computer programmers, with one goal in their minds.

    Who we are

    A fierce group of:

    • skilled
    • experienced
    • open minded
    • executives
    • scientists
    • programmers
    • engineers
    • analysts
    • designers
    • managers
    • futurists
    • crackers

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  • Why us
    Let the media and some customers share a few words about us.

    Why us

    • Successful cases and business challenges.
    • Public relations.
    • Press information.
    • Words from our customers.

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  • What we do
  • What we fix: local infrastructure
  • What we fix: remote storage
  • What we fix: mobile devices
  • What we fix: offshore data traffic
  • How we help
  • What you get
  • For whom
  • Who we are
  • Why us