For whom

At this point some questions might have come around:
  • What works for whom?
  • Is this good for whom?
  • Is this better for whom?
  • Is this the best for whom?

Ask not for whom the dog barks.

You can answer all these questions by answering this major question, instead:

How valuable is the digital data you want safe?
If your answer sounded like:

"The digital data I need safe is one of the most valuable assets in my company and any leakage of it could make this company lose a lot of money, and/or many years of hard work, and/or could possibly put the continuity of this business in jeopardy"...
Then you have come to the right place.
How valuable is the digital data you want safe?

Here are some industry standard sectors that bear highly valuable data we expertise in:

Financial Sector
  • Banks
  • Diversified Financials
Telecommunication Services Sector
  • Fixed Line Telecommunications
  • Mobile Telecommunications
Information Technology Sector
  • Software & Services
  • Technology Hardware & Equipment
  • Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment
Utilities/Energy Sector
  • Oil & Gas Producers
  • Alternative Energy Producers
  • Energy Suppliers
  • Electricity
  • Gas, Water & Multiutilities
Defence Sector
  • C4iSR
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Law Enforcement
  • Cyber Defence
  • Counter Intelligence
Industrial Sector
  • Capital Goods
  • Commercial & Professional Services
  • Business Support Services
  • Financial Administration
  • Research & Development
  • Patent
Consumer Goods Sector
  • Automobiles & Components
  • Consumer Durables & Apparel
  • Leisure Goods
Consumer Services Sector
  • Media
  • Retailing
  • Property rights
Health Care Sector
  • Health Care Equipment & Services
  • Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Some specific fields we master:

Banking, Investments and Finance
  • Safe communications: countless number of relevant corporate information left accessible to business partners may lead to tangible loss (of position, leverage, revenue, profit etc).
  • We provide you the best counter-insider-information policy, making these pieces of information classified.
  • Data protection: most banking data is encoded in poorly implemented, breakable, native encoding. Stolen, hacked or poorly controlled databases are also treated by us.
  • We bring stock trading and brokerage operations information security to a new level.
  • Stealth and SIGINT: we provide protection on all kinds of signal frequencies and most hardware and operating systems.
  • C4iSR: we provide data protection in all c4isr chain, regardless of operating systems or hardware involved, granting full integrity over any protcol. We protect data on missiles, airplanes, tanks, satellites, radar etc (any kind of vector comm).
  • Satcom and military communication: our protection is superior to all current military protection.
  • Global intelligence industry and open-source technologies have been leading communications to a massive worldwide data gathering. Free software nowadays, enable voice networks sniffing, audio decoding and AES, SHA-1, MD5 etc package encoding breaking.
  • We provide one single flexible solution to all SS7 network while adding unpredictability layers to data eventually sniffed or hacked.
  • Our technology makes virtually unbreakable static and dynamic data (local or remote, even to Call Detail Records - CDRs).

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