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In today's tough digital environment, the effectiveness of a security system is not measured by the number of voided invasion tries, by voided malwares and spywares, or by viruses detected and disabled, but by the entire robustness and completeness of the system.

In other words, the two main KPIs in this field today are:

  • For how long will your data be protected (strength)
  • How broad is you defence ability (coverage)

MarkzCorp's framework covers up the entire end-to-end flow of your valuable data, within your infrastructure or on the internet.

However, when data is valuable, finding a solution that matches tough KPIs isn't enough.

How we help
Improve your position

Every engine needs periodic maintenance to keep it running effectively.

Our team of experts merge an appropriate combination of interventions together with your existing environment, to determine which are the very best integrated solutions to your company.

Only the best solutions

Our programmes address every aspect of the company that can contribute to or influence the performance of your security engine and help your business stepping up into new levels.

We will introduce you to a new way of looking at certain persistent problems in data security and work closely to your team and improve your skills on:

  • Valuable data security policies (training, coaching and mentoring C-level leaders)
  • Data protection and defence management methodologies and processes (security leaders)
  • Access management and information control assessments (all involved)
  • Lawful interception and intelligence gathering (mostly C-level members)
  • Other relevant topics

Having created the foundation we'll then work with your security team members to ensure they are comfortable using the new processes and tools in their day-to-day activities.

Our solutions are effective because we provide a complete joined-up solution which is understood in the vertical dimension from the most junior team member right through to the board and in the horizontal dimension embracing, for example; sales, marketing, production, delivery and finance.

In hard times it can be more cost effective to use an external resource to establish a firm foundation for a new position, as the skills to successfully design and implement a change may be different to the skills required for day-to-day operation.

Will MarkzCorp's Prodigy Framework for data security (and the products derived form it) suffice?

Much probably.

Will they replace all the data security systems that you already have?

Not all but, it's likely to (we can show you why and how, in your own environment, at your request).

We help you by showing you a new way to keep your privacy. We'll introduce you to the best, strongest and most robust data security framework available.

And what do you get?

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