Background and history

Unlibot is MarkzCorp's safe browsing engine and its technology is based in Unlisc's safe virtual machine and encoded scripting.

Altogether this set of features was designed to bring to the internet one ultimate way to provide users safe pages, from the server that holds it, to the end-user that will access it, including its transit from one end to another.

Unlibot hasn't yet been released and it is in late beta development stage.

Key features

"Unlibot" is a shortening for "unlimited browsing", and some of the neat things you can do with it are:

  • Create internet pages using one single compiled computer language (not a bunch of markup languages on top of each other, all interpreted and with poor performance, whose source is unsafely opened for anyone to read).
  • Transfer internet pages from the server to the end-user in an entirely encoded way.
  • Encode pages and traffic using dynamically variable key sizes and sources.

At the present, there are no available Unlibot releases as it is in late beta stage. However, alfa releases will be around in 2017.

As soon as it gets ready to the general public, Unlibot will be able to run in pretty much any hardware architecture and operating system in the market, and it will be implemented in specific processor architectures, according to customer request.

All Unlibot versions are cross-platform GUI based.

Related products

Unlibot requires Unlico and Unlisc and it can be combined together with Unlich and Unlift.

Unlinet plugin can be applied to Unlibot as well, adding full unpredictability to routes established from Unlibot servers.

Learn it

You can learn more about Unlibot and how safe browsing works, from the discussion board in our Knowledge Base.


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