Background and history

Unlich is MarkzCorp's chatting product.

Unlich was designed to be one safe chatting software, avoiding all safety vulnerabilities found in central served solutions or lightweight encoded solutions. It was first released early in 2013 and in 2016 one simplified version was released to the general public, free of charge, in a DEMO version, combined together with Unlico.

At the present, Unlich is the only chatting software to implement: dynamically variable encoding keys, hotswapping chat channels (port swapping in the DEMO version), unlimited encoding key size, multiple (simultaneous) hardware chat channels (Ethernet, RF, Firewire, RS232 etc), all in one single application.

Key features

"Unlich" is a shortening for "unlimited chat", and it was designed to be the ultimate way to safely chat to other people.

Unlich's most important features aren't available in the DEMO version, but most of the essential safety features can be tested with it.

Unlich is, in a general perspective, able to:

  • Chat to single users.
  • Chat to groups.
  • Connect people without the need for a central server.
  • Connect through any wired or RF hardware available.
  • Hotswap (on the fly) chat channels applied to people on the internet (port swap in the DEMO version and actually hardware swap in the FULL version).
  • Dynamically replace encoding keys (to users and groups) without disrupting the conversation.
  • Encode traffic in variable (unlimited) encoding key size.

If you are looking for Unlich's FULL list of features, click here.


Unlich is available in many different flavours, from traditional MS Windows versions to Apple's OSX based versions and Unixes versions (where Linuxes versions are the most popular), in desktop-like versions or server-like versions, for 32 or 64 bit architectures. Mobile 32 bit versions are also available for Android based hardware or Apple's iOS based devices (iPhones and iPads).

Other specific hardware architectures, such as mainframes for instance, may be addressed at customer request.

The FULL version, however, is available for pretty much any hardware architecture and operating system in the market.

There are only cross-platform GUI input based Unlich versions available and no command-line versions are to be released (DEMO or FULL).

Related products

A simplified Unlich version is available in Unlico's DEMO COMBO.

The FULL version is available as a standalone chat app that can be combined together with Unlico. It can also embed Unlinet.

Try it

In March 2016 we've release to the general public, the first demonstration version of Unlich.

You can download Unlich and Unlico COMBO DEMO versions here.

Learn it

You can learn how to use this version of Unlich (and Unlico) by watching our set of seven video tutorials, where you will be introduced to all that matters, from the basics to advanced features (available in this DEMO version). Afterwords, if you find yourself in trouble while using it, you can check for more information on Unlico's help section or search for it and discuss about it (with other users and our staff) in our Knowledge Base.

If you are a customer that needs assistance in the FULL chatting features, or in need for training in advanced chatting related issues, please:
  • Get in touch with your exclusive tech support team.
  • Contact your local MarkzCorp sales representative.
  • Get in touch with our international team (click here).


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