Background and history

Unlico is MarkzCorp's first product designed and developed entirely based in our proprietary framework (a.k.a MarkzCorp's Prodigy Framework), which was itself initially designed in 1997 and, later, first (beta) implemented in 2003 as a "pre-phD" teaser for Computer Science specialists and researchers, experts in the fields of: encoding, networking, data compression, compiling and natural language processing.

Unlico's first beta release came to life in 2006, the same year MarkzCorp was officially established, and was then first available in alpha releases (early) in the first quarter of 2009. After a few years on the road, Unlico has become available to the general public for the first time, for free in a demonstration version, in the first quarter of 2016.

Key features

"Unlico" is a shortening for "unlimited code", and that is what it was designed to be: one single software with the ability to transform regular data (in any format, known or not), into encoded data. The idea of a limitless ability relates to Unlico's unique core features that enable it to have any known encoding algorithm internally implemented (currently known or yet to come, standing alone or combined with any other encoding algorithm, in any desired proportion). As a standard, Unlico has it's own proprietary, modular, encoding unit, which is also part of our framework.

One of the most important "special features" (or goals), designed and accomplished in the early years of Unlico's core research, was the ability to make its output (the encoded data) publishable anywhere on the internet. This ability became Unlico's most recognizable unique feature and is also part of the "unlimited" encoding premise. For many years now, the "unlimited publishing" ability was made into one even trickier capability, which is to make Unlico's output, one "Natural Language like" encoded text.

Another key special feature for Unlico, also designed and accomplished in the early years of its core research, was the ability to make use of "unlimited size" encoding keys. This achievement, which is the second most recognizable Unlico's unique feature, turned this piece of software into the most scalable encoding software in the planet.

So, Unlico is, in summary, able to:

  • Encode regular data stored in any format, using its proprietary encoding unit in a stand alone mode or combined with any known encoding algorithm (unlimited encoding).
  • Generate output based on MarkzCorp's Natural Language Text Like (NLTL) and MarkzCorp's QQ technologies, thus, publishable anywhere on the internet (unlimited publishing).
  • Encode data using any (variable) encoding key size (unlimited scalability).
  • Combine unlimited encoding and unlimited publishing, enabling multicast publishing mode (the user picks who can read the encoded published data).
  • Combine unlimited encoding and unlimited (variable) encoding key size, creating the most unpredictable and hardest situation for any sniffer trying to hack into your data.

If you are looking for Unlico's FULL list of features, click here.


Unlico is available in many different flavours, from traditional MS Windows versions to Apple's OSX based versions and Unixes versions (where Linuxes versions are the most popular), in desktop-like versions or server-like versions, for 32 or 64 bit architectures, in command-line input based versions or cross-platform GUI input based versions. Mobile 32 bit versions are also available for Android based hardware or Apple's iOS based devices (iPhones and iPads).

Other specific hardware architectures, such as mainframes for instance, may be addressed at customer request.

Related products

MarkzCorp's Prodigy Framework (Unlico's core) has enabled many other proprietary products, such as Unlich, Unlift and Unlibot.

If you need more information on any of them, click here and get in touch with our team.

Try it

In March 2016 we've release to the general public, the first demonstration version of Unlico, which combines Unlico (encoding) and Unlich (chatting) into one single product. It is available only in GUI based versions, for MS Windows and GTK based Linuxes, 32 bit architectures only, in either case. No mobile demonstration versions are currently available but, as well as OSX demo versions, they are on the way.

You can get Unlico's DEMO version here.

Learn it

You can learn how to use this version of Unlico (and Unlich) by watching our set of seven video tutorials, where you will be introduced to all that matters, from the basics to advanced features (available in this DEMO version). Afterwords, if you find yourself in trouble while using it, you can check for more information on Unlico's help section or search for it and discuss about it (with other users and our staff) in our Knowledge Base.

If you are a customer that needs assistance in the FULL encoding features, or in need for training in expert encoding issues, please:
  • Get in touch with your exclusive tech support team.
  • Contact your local MarkzCorp sales representative.
  • Get in touch with our international team (click here).


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