Background and history

Unlift is MarkzCorp's file transfer product and it was designed to provide encoded file transfer services. both as client or server.

Unlift was first released in 2013 and it is not available to the general public (no DEMO versions).

Key features

"Unlift" is a shortening for "unlimited file transfer", and it is:

  • An encoded file server.
  • An encoded file client (to other Unlifts or any MarkzCorp product that deals with data transfer).
  • An external bridge to regular unencoded FTP servers (enabling Unlift clients to connect to them).
  • A local encoding layer on top of regular unencoded FTP servers (integrating them and making them "Unlift-like" servers).
  • A safe remote folder sync client and server.

At the present, there is only one integrated Unlift version available (client and server all in one) and no DEMO versions.

This FULL unified version, is available for MS Windows and GTK based Linuxes. Apple's OSX based versions and mobile versions will be available soon.

Unlift can also be run in pretty much any Unix system and can be implemented in other processor architectures, according to customer request.

All Unlift versions are cross-platform GUI based.

Related products

Unlift can also be combined together with other MarkzCorp products, such as: Unlico, Unlich and Unlisc.

Unlinet plugin can be applied to Unlift as well, adding full unpredictability to routes established to Unlift servers.

Learn it

You can learn more about Unlift and how safe file transfer can be achieved out of it, from the discussion board in our Knowledge Base.

If you are a customer that needs assistance in the FULL Unlift client or server modes, or in need for training in encoded file transfer related issues, please:
  • Refer to your Technical Documentation (provided together with your product).
  • Get in touch with your exclusive tech support team.
  • Contact your local MarkzCorp sales representative.
  • Get in touch with our international team (click here).


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