What you get

Before addressing "what you get", let's take a look at:

What have you been getting?
As a general rule, common sense says this is what you can get:
Good x Fast x Cheap

As you take a look into this diagram and feel familiar with some business situations, please take a look at some lines you probably have heard before...

  • "We give you the impossible"
  • "We'll bring the best to you environment"
  • "We can't be beaten in this scenario"
  • "This is the very best return to your investment"
  • "There's no need to look for other solutions when we already provide you what you need"
  • Place here the catch phrase the sales person from your current solution provider used the last time

So, a "real world" diagram on what you've been getting, doesn't quite look like this.

Let's take a look at one more complete approach.

A real world "what you've been getting" diagram looks like this:
What people make believe they sell
* ROI = Return of investment
* TCO = Total cost of ownership

Think about what you've been getting for a digital security solution:

  • How predictable, scalable, extensive, strong, customizable and broad is that "solution" you have been using?
  • Have you been truly getting "the impossible"?
  • Is your current solution provider actually where they told you they were?
  • What is that cheap solution actually giving you?
  • What is that "free" solution actually costing you?
  • How cost effective is that current solution?
  • Have you been getting what you expected to?
  • Have you been getting what you paid for?

Perhaps the time to look at this problem through another perspective has come.

MarkzCorp perspective
  • When it comes to protecting valuable digital information, the are no limits.
  • "If you do what you always did you will get what you always got."
  • We do not do what others do so we get outcome that others don't.
  • We do not prove business concepts to prospective customers, we prove scientific concepts to ourselves first, so our customers get already proven science facts.
What will you get from us?
MarkCorp's proposition

MarzCorp's Prodigy Framework is on the very edge of digital security technologies.

With this framework you can:

  • Add to your system a set of unique, proprietary, encoding features, unknown to hackers.
  • Embed any existing encoding function, alone or combine with others, from third parties, public domain or even designed by your own team.
  • Have you own unique and exclusive product, 100% customized to your needs (not one general piece of software configured to your needs but an actual version of your own - compiled according to your specs).
  • Have one single solution to protect your valuable data, from end to end, anywhere on the internet.

You'll get the strongest, fastest, more scalable, more complete, more robust security solution: the most powerful digital vault there is.

Is this for you?

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