Segurança & Defesa #124

We're glad to announce that our cybersecurity and counter-intelligence article is available in Brazil and some foreign countries, published by the most important Brazilian military magazine and one of the most relevant magazines on military material in Latin America: Segurança & Defesa, ed #124.

Segurança e Defesa

Segurança e Defesa has been around the Brazilian military scenario for over 20 years now, contemplating all kinds of state-of-the-art military tech stuff in ground, air and sea defense. Now, besides all its brilliant and long lasting editorial on military hardware it's time for some software issues.

After a quick encounter with S&D's chief editor months ago (at LAAD 2016), MarkzCorp was invited to write about some modern cyber defense and counter-intelligence matters. It was a great honor for us to get this brief article published on S&D's pages.

S&D is available only in Portuguese (Pt-Br) in Brazil and Portugal, and some other foreign countries (mostly in Latin America).

For the moment, there is no digital availability of S&D articles but as soon as this edition gets sold out, or the next edition (#125) becomes available we'll probably post here a copy of MarkzCorp's article, in English, for international readers.

We'll keep you posted.

Segurança & Defesa - ed #124

MarkzCorp introduces a new perspective on governmental cyber defense and counter intelligence, plus corporate policies on sensitive data, in this article.

Cyberdefense policies, practices and counter-intelligence

Our article "Políticas e práticas de ciberdefesa e contra-inteligência" (Cyberdefense policies, practices and counter-intelligence) touches the main data gathering dilemmas nowadays (for legal and sometimes, spying, purposes).

We also introduce our vision upon how State/Governmental Policies and Corporate Safety, specially towards protecting top secret information (emails, chat, files, cloud, protocols, radio comm, satellites etc).

This isn't a quite long text because the main idea was to give our readers a broader perspective (in opposition to a narrow ultra-specialized perspective). However, we think this is an important (recommended) text for Data security IT and Defense related professionals.

As soon as possible we'll deepen some of the topics discussed in this article, here (on our Knowledge Base) or on other specialized blogs and websites.

We'll also keep you posted about that.

Stay tuned.

This article is available on line (in Portuguese / Pt-Br) on the following websites:

No Rio de Janeiro esta revista está disponível em todas as bancas do Centro e pode ser facilmente encontrada em bancas das zonas Norte, Sul e Oeste. Para encontrar a banca mais próxima de seu endereço, consulte aqui.

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