Windows 32 bit versions compatibility issues

Our (native) DEMO versions for Windows 64 bits systems will be available soon but, until then, please remember that you need to activate MS Windows Compatibility Mode (to MS Windows XP SP2 – at least) for our 32 bit versions to run on 64 bit systems.

Also, please keep in mind that even the 32 bit versions of Unlico provide support for Large Files (64 bit file sizes). Thus, using a native 64 bit version will only avoid the “Compatibility Mode” annoyance.


Due to our “no-installation” self extracting system, which gets your system ready to run Unlico on demand (without the need for an installation procedure) and which is also unknown to most anti-viruses and internet security firewalls, some third party software on your system might dislike Unlico’s behaviour during start-up.

The only way to deal with this is: please enable Unlico to run on your system, by adding an exception to your anti-virus/internet security system, avoiding further messages.

Please post any trouble you might find while doing so here and we’ll try to help you.

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