Who we are

Our background is founded on over 30 years of computer architecture design and implementation, and on over 15 years of international selling experience, based on immersion in the professional business environments of major corporations, in many countries.

MarkzCorp Ltd is a privately owned and originally established Brazilian company. This company was formed in early 2006 and started trading late that year. The foundations of this company relate on one quite unique dropped phD project, whose core premisses originated all that is now know as MarkzCorp’s Prodigy Framework (R). This data security framework was designed to provide unique features and explore vast and ultra strong levels of byte stream encoding, using proprietary unprecedented algorithms.

One decade after establishment, we have started offering to the general public some free of charge demonstration versions of our technology.

Altogether, the experience over the last decades has been gained through research and field practice in the following areas:

  • Strong encoding systems
  • Compiler development and code optimization
  • Operating Systems kernel development
  • Data compression
  • Cross-platform and multi-platform development
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Communication Protocols development
  • Fast I/O burst technologies
  • Polynomial encoding strategies
  • Defence and intelligence analysis
  • Counter intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Market penetration strategy
  • Scenario-based strategic planning
  • Venture and early-stage growth strategies
  • Business technology risk assessment
  • Buy-side advisory
  • Private equity advisory
  • Business Continuity strategies
  • Business performance improvement
  • Organic growth strategies
  • IT services and products development
  • Value proposition and target marketing
  • Selling methods and process management for IT companies
  • Quality–based methods and systems
  • Six sigma process management
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Solution Selling
  • SPIN Selling

The men in charge

Dario “Markz”, CEO

Dario M.C. Marques Jr (a.k.a. “Dario Markz”) has a BSc in Computer Science, degree awarded by the Catholic University in Rio, Brazil (PUC-RJ), also a MSc in Computer Science, degree awarded by Federal University in Rio, Brazil (UFRJ-NCE). Mr Markz, the man whose dropped phD ideas led into the establishment of this company, is a long term assistant professor in two of the most important private universities in Brazil, and has been leading MarkzCorp as founder and CEO, since 2006.

Mr Markz has been coaching, mentoring, counseling and training highly experienced teams in several different computer technologies, during the last 20 years. The same has been done to sales and marketing teams, in high tech companies, for over 10 years.

Workshops, lectures and talks are also part of his permanent affairs.

Leonardo Metre, COO

Leonardo F. Metre (a.k.a. “Mr Metre”) is a certified defence intelligence analyst and an expert in: lawful interception; intelligence gathering; data retention; criminal investigations; intelligence and defence analysis; mobile location; IP and signal interception; surveillance; counter intelligence; cybersecurity and C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance).

Mr Metre has a solid background doing businesses in the defence industry. During the last decade he’s been present to a great number of congreeses, conferences and meetings related to intelligence and defence fields. He’s been in the software industry for over 10 years, and he’s been immerse in the professional business environments of major Oil, Telco, Defence, IT, Farmaceuticals and Stock Exchange corporations.

He also worked as coach and mentor for high tech start-up companies in Brazil, for several years.

Our staff

The sum of these backgrounds matches the ingenuity and innovation skills embedded into this team:

  • phD in Systems Engineering (Brazil)
  • Post phD (International)
  • MSc in Computer Science (Brazil)
  • phD in Computer Science (Brazil)
  • MBA in Sales and Marketing (Brazil)
  • MBA in Business Management (Brazil)
  • MBA professor (International)
  • MBA professor (Brazil)
  • Computer Science professor (Brazil)
  • Law enforcement agent
  • Interior security agent
  • Intelligence analysis agent
  • ITIL Expert (problem & change analyst)
  • CoBIT Security Assessor
  • CMMi Pro & DME
  • PMPs
  • Black Belt
We’re a fierce group of skilled, experienced, open minded executives, scientists, programmers, engineers, analysts, designers, managers, futurists and crackers.